Krasnoyarsk Russia Travel Guide

Krasnoyarsk Russia Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Krasnoyarsk Russia Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Krasnoyarsk Russia Travel Guide

Krasnoyarsk Russia is a pretty city in eastern Siberia Russia on the Yenisey River. The city was founded in 1628 as a border fort intended to protect the frontier from attacks of native peoples who lived along the Yenisei and its tributaries.

During World War II, dozens of factories were evacuated from Ukraine and Western Russia to Krasnoyarsk and nearby towns to protect them from western armies, stimulating the industrial growth of the city. A large Aluminium smelter still operates in the area.

Today Krasnoyarsk is known for its surrounding forests and natural landscapes including the Stolby Nature Reserve a 470km² reserve with impressive volcanic krasts type formations.

Extreme care is needed if hiking in the Stolby nature reserve in Spring (April-July) as Encephalitis infected ticks are prevalent and are extremely dangerous. if you are planning on doing any serious hiking in any forest in Siberia during spring vaccinations are strongly recommended.

Krasnoyarsk is a lovely city to break your journey on the Trans Siberian railway in.

Krasnoyarsk has a number of pretty pastel coloured historic buildings dating back to the 1700’s lining the main streets of the city.

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Krasnoyarsk Russia

Travel Tips Krasnoyarsk Russia

The Trans Siberian Railway stops in Krasnoyarsk.

There are numerous buses that run from the station to the city centre and cost RUB25 per person. There are numerous bus stops around the city and conductors on the buses will take your money and give you a ticket.

Summers in Krasnoyarsk are short but warm with temperatures of around 27°C (80°F) but it can be cold at night. Summer months are also often wet and rainy and storms can occur. June and July are the sunniest months.

Winter is very cold with temperatures dropping below -30°C (-22°F), but its usually around -14°C (7°F). Winter is often quite dark and cloudy and heavy snowfall is a regular occurrence.

Spring and Autumn are both transitional months, and can either be very cold or quite warm. During spring, streets and roads can become dirty as a result of mud and melting snow.

Weather Averages In Krasnoyarsk Russia

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average high °C (°F) −11.4

Coffee – Barista Coffee Garden for good coffee and fresh cakes. Address 106 Mira Av Krasnoyarsk.

Georgian Food – There are numerous restaurants serving delicious Georgian food across Krasnoyarsk. Tuck in to some delicious stuffed savory pastries or grill shasliks.

On The River – There are a number of restaurants on the river front offering great views of the river and across to Stolby Nature Reserve. We ate at Terrasa Grillbar and had a great meal with lovely friendly service.


Things To See & Do In Krasnoyarsk Russia

Stolby Nature Reserve

Stolby Nature Reserve

The Stolby Nature Reserve is 10 km south of Krasnoyarsk in the northwestern section of the Eastern Svan Mountains and has been nominated to be on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Famous for the impressive rock formations called stobly – which I though look similar to the Krasts seen in SE Asia – The Stolby Nature Reserve attaches over 200,000 visitors per year for hiking and climbing.

To get to the most impressive stolby in the reserve catch bus number 50 to Hotel Snezhnaya Dolina and then hike about 7 kilometres along the track or you can take the year-round chairlift  at the Bobrovy Log Ski Resort and walk about the same distance through the park.

Extreme care is needed if hiking in the Stolby nature reserve in Spring (April-June) as Enchephititis infected ticks are prevelent and are extremely dangerous. if you are planning on doing any serious hiking in any forest in Siberia during spring vaccinations are strongly recommended.

Krasnoyarsk Russia Regional Museum

Krasnoyarsk Russia Regional Museum

The Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum is said to be the oldest in both Siberia and Russia dating back to 1889.

Stretching over 2 floors with over 448 exhibits the museum takes the visitor through the history of the area including mans migration through the times, Cossack history, cultural history and information about the regions flora and fauna.

There is a gift shop and cafe in the basement.

I didn’t quite understand the significance of the Egyptian themed building it is housed in but it is an interesting museum to visit.

Address: ul Dubrovinskogo 84

Admission: RUB 150

Opening Hours: 10am-6pm Tue-Sun

Krasnoyarsk Russia Central Park

Krasnoyarsk Central Park

Stretching from Krasnoyarsk Revolution Square with its statue of Lenin to the Yenisey River Krasnoyarsk Central Park is a pretty park to wander through, have a picnic or watch the entertainers and buskers.

On weekends and warm days the park comes alive with entertainers including mimes, buskers, puppateers and more.

Krasnoyarsk River District

Krasnoyarsk River District

There is a promenade along the Yenisey River surrounded by pretty parks and gardens. Restaurants and cafes are plentiful and it is a lovely way to spend a day in the warmer weather..

Krasnoyarsk Fresh Food Market

Krasnoyarsk Fresh Food Market

We stumbled upon this lovely food market in Krasnoyarsk selling all manner of delicious fresh food.The market sells all kind of fresh and smoked fish along with loads of fruit and vegetables and delicious pre-made salads.

The Tsentral’nyy Rynok is located on Respuliki St Krasnoyarsk.

Krasnoyarsk - Try Locally Brewed Beer

Krasnoyarsk – Try Locally Brewed Beer

All over Russia you will find locally brewed beer on tap that is poured into plastic bottles for you to take away. We had a lovely time sampling beer in our local bottle store and choosing beer to take back to our apartment.

Alcohol is often found in stores also selling dried and smoked fish along with other deli items.

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