Indonesia Travel Guide

Indonesia Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Indonesia Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Indonesia is an archipelago of 17,000 islands in South East Asia in the region of Oceania. Officaillay known as The Republic of Indonesia the group of islands sits between the Pacific and Indian oceans. The country has more than 270 million people and is the 4th most populous nation on the planet.

In the past Indonesia was an important trade destination with ships from all over the world stopping to trade and pause on the trips taken across the world.

The archipelago is home to many ethic and cutural groups and has a diverse landscape. The popular tourist of Bali is in Indonesia attracting miillions of visitors every year to its sandy beaches, night life and inexpensive holidays

Visas are releativelity easy to get with three types issued

  • Visa waiver (non-extendable). Visas are waived for naionals of 169 countries all you need to do is show your passport on arrival and it will be stamped.
  • Visa on arrival (extendable). Pay 35 USD on arrival, a visa will be placed in your passport which you then get stamped.
  • Visa in advance. Obtain a visa at an Indonesian embassy before arrival. Apply for your visa through the Consulate or Embassy in your country.

Note: Check which visa type applies to you before travelling.

Indonesia Travel Guide
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