Listvyanka Russia Travel Guide

Listvyanka Russia Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Listvyanka Russia Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Listvyanka Russia Travel Guide

Listvyanka Russia is 70 kms from Irkutsk and at the mouth of the Angara River in Eastern Siberia Russia. It is the closest town on Lake Baikal to Irkutsk and is well and truly on the tourist bus trail. While this little seaside town gets packed with visitors during the warmer months it is worth a visit for a couple of days.

The Russian government has recently announced that it is limiting the number of tourists that can visit Lake Baikal due to poor waste management of hotels and guest houses causing pollution in Lake Baikal.

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Listvyanka Russia Map

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Listvyanka Russia

Listvyanka Russia Travel Tips

In Irkutsk tickets can be purchased at  the bus station.

In Listvyanka the bus departs from and terminates at the official tourist office. Tickets can be purchased at the tourist office.

In summer this bus route is busy so it may be a good idea to purchase tickets a day or so before you want to travel.

Cost: Irkutsk – Listvyanka 166* Rubles plus luggage fee of 20 rubles per bag.

*Correct at time of writing.

Fish Markets – You can find cheap and cheerful meals and BBQ at the restaurants around the fish market.

Love Cafe – Serving reasonable food and with a terrace set over the lake the Love Cafe is the perfect place for lunch or an afternoon beer.

Listvyanka Club Grill & Restaurant – Tasty food in a nice environment.

Berg House – We had some excellent food at the Berg House, it is more expensive than other restaurants in Listvyanka and the wine list was very limited but it we enjoyed what we ate there very much.

Mayak Hotel Top Floor Bar – Enjoy an evening aperitif with a stunning view of Lake Baikal.

We travelled to Lake Baikal at the start of June and at that time many of the guest houses and hotels were not open most seemed to open mid June. Do your research carefully when staying at Listvyanka as there are many dodgy outfits offering accommodation that is over priced and sub standard.

Things To See & Do In Listvyanka Russia

Explore The Fish market

 Listvyanka Russia Fish Market

The quaint fish market toward the eastern end of town has a number of stalls selling freshly smoke omul, a regional specialty along with died omul and Бо small white fish that are translucent when smoked. There is also several cheap restaurants serving basic but tasty food in and around the Listvyanka Fish Market.

Take A Boat Ride On Lake Baikal

Boat on Lake Baikal

A very touristy thing to do but very popular with visitors to the lake. Converted fishing boats take people out on a loop around the lake for one hour giving them a view of Listvyanka and the shore of Lake Baikal.

Seal Spot in Lake Baikal

Seal Spot 

Lake Bailkal is home to the cute little Baikal seal or Nerpa seal, an earless seal who is as round as he is long. The Baikal seal is the only true freshwater seal and can often be seen frolicking off the beach of Listvyanka. 

Visit the Lake Baikail Museum

Baikal Museum

A couple of kms from Listvyanka the Baikal Museum is set over 3 floor and dedicated to the solely to Lake Baikal. The exhibit covers the geology, fish and animal species of the lake, has a small aquarium and a biosphere simulator that takes one on a journey into the lake. I found this museum a little too scientific and I really struggled with the small dark tank that houses the two nerpa seals.

*Entry: 310 Rubles pp

Take The Chairlift To The Viewing Point

Chairlift & Viewing Point

A kilometre of so behind the museum is a chairlift that goes to the top of a hill that gives spectacular views across Lake Bailkal and down to Port Baikal. Walk a short distance to the viewing point and then continue down the path for a pleasant stroll down the hill. Downside to the chairlift is the uphill walk to get to the base.

*Chairlift 0neway: 250 Rubles

eat Smoked Omul

Eat Smoked Omul

Up and down the main waterfront street of Listvyanka locals set up smokers at road side stalls and smoke Omul, a fish found in  Lake Baikal. Buy a couple of this delicious smoked fish and have a picnin on the lakes edge. Smoked Omul is also available at the fish market.

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