Azerbaijan Travel Guide

Azerbaijan Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Azerbaijan Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Situated on the shores of the Caspian Sea and once a vital component of the USSR, Azerbaijan stands as the largest nation within the Caucasus region. This country is celebrated for its remarkably diverse landscape, which transitions dramatically from the towering mountain ranges dominating the northern territories to the expansive, desert-like plains that unfold elsewhere. At its heart, Azerbaijan’s wealth is significantly buoyed by its abundant oil reserves, a fact that has shaped its development and influence in the region.

The capital city, Baku, exemplifies the nation’s unique blend of history and modernity. Here, ancient structures that hark back to its days on the historic Silk Route coexist in striking contrast with the gleaming facades of contemporary skyscrapers. This juxtaposition not only highlights Azerbaijan’s rich cultural heritage but also its ambitious stride towards futuristic urban development.

In terms of accessibility, Azerbaijan has seen a notable shift. Up until 2017, securing a visa to enter the country was a cumbersome process, fraught with challenges for many would-be visitors. However, in a move to open its doors wider to the international community, the Azerbaijani government relaxed these stringent visa requirements. The process has since become significantly more straightforward, making it easier for travelers from around the globe to explore the myriad attractions that this unique Caspian gem has to offer.

UPDATE: The AZERBAIJAN borders are currently closed. They have been closed since Spring 2020, it is unknown when they will reopen. (Updated Feb 2024)



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Azerbaijan Travel Guide

Top 5 Things See & Do In Azerbaijan

Baku Old City
The Baku Old City is believed to date back to the 12th century and is totally enclosed by walls. Highlights of the Baku Old City are the UNESCO listed Palace of the Shirvanshahs and Maidens Tower.
Palace of the Shirvanshahs
The Nomadic families of Mongolia lifestyle has not changed much over time. Spending a night in a remote Ger with a nomadic family is an honour and gives you a tiny glimpse into their lifestyle.
Climb The Maidens Tower Baku
The Maidens Tower is a 12th C UNESCO listed tower in the old city of Baku with splendid views of the Caspian sea. There are many myths and legends surrounding the Maidens Tower the most popular is that of the fiery-haired virgin girl who saved Baku's people from slavery.
Palace Of the Khans Sheki
The Palace of The Khans in Sheki was built in 1797 by Muhammed Hasan Khanas his summer palace. The Khans palace sits in the grounds of the Sheki fortress and is a pleasant place to visit and wander around and has nice views of the valley.
Stay in An Ancient Caravanserai In Shekin
Back in the day Caravanserai was a roadside inn where travelers could rest and recover from the day's journey. Caravanserais supported trade along the ancient Silk Route. Today you can spend a night in a Caravanserais and reflect on days gone by.

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