Regions Of France Travel Guide

Regions of France Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Regions Of France Travel Guide - A Vagabond Life

The Regions of France Travel Guide is aimed at giving up to date and informative information on the Regions of France to help you plan your travel through France.

France has diverse terrain and climates, from towering mountain ranges to vast agricultural lands and lets not forget the famous Mediterranean beaches and sea side towns and villages. France also has a fascinating and ancient history which can be seen in the many medieval castles, villages and towns scattered across the country many of which have been restored.

France is broken into regions with each region then further broken down into departments. There are 18 Regions of France, 13 of which are on the mainland and 94 departments.  The Regions of France Travel Guide explores these regions and gives highlights and ideas for travellers of where to go and what to see.

Many of the Regions of France correspond roughly to the provinces of pre-revolutionary France and many have the same name from ancient times. You will often her French people refer to an area by its historic name, for example the Dordogne is often referred to by its traditional name of Perigord. Explore the Regions of France Travel Guide by A Vagabond Life below by map or by clicking the link below the photograph,

Regions of France Travel Guides By Map


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