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Cambodia Travel Guide
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Cambodia Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Cambodia was once the seat of the powerful Khmer Empire, where Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument site in the world, was constructed in the 12th century. However, the country’s fortunes declined significantly as it was attacked and plundered by its neighbors, colonized by the French in the 19th century, and devestated by American air strikes in the 1970s. Ultimately, it came under the oppressive rule of the Khmer Rouge, resulting in a great loss of life due to forced labor and executions.

Today Cambodia is slowly recovering from the dark days with infrastructure being re built and visitors being welcomed. Cambodia at times can be confronting, particularly the genocide museums and killing fields memorials. On the flip side the people are warm and inviting and the main sites of Angkor Wat are quite incredible.

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Top 5 Things To See & Do In Cambodia

Siem Reap
Most people visit Siem Reap as a base to Angkor Wat and the other surrounding temple BUT it it is an interesting town in its own right and worth spending a few days exploring.
Angkor Wat
The UNESCO listed Angkor Wat Archaeological Park is a must see if travelling in this part of the world. The big ticket temples are Angkor Wat and Ta Phrahm but some of the smaller less visited temples are just as interesting - and less crowded.
Ta Phrohm - Tomb Raider
Made famous in the Tomb Raider movie Ta Phrohm sits among the jungle entwined with trees and vines and for a moment you can imagine yourself as an explorer deep in the jungle.... Built in the 12th century and UNESCO listed it needs to be on your "to visit" list.
Phnom Penh
The capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh is slowly recovering from the dark days of Pol Pot. Phnom Penh offers much to see and do including the Royal Palace, the National Museum and the heartbreaking Genocide Museum.
Sihanoukville is a popular beach destination with pretty beaches and easy access to the islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. Popular Beaches are nicer beaches of are Independence Beach, Serendipity Beach or Sokha Beach.

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