Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Thailand Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Thailand Travel Guide

We have spent an enormous of time amount in Thailand, in fact for a number of years we lived in Chiang Rai for several months each year.

Thailand is in Southeast Asia with coasts on the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.  Known as the land of smiles Thailand has wonderful friendly people, great food, a tropical climate, and a diverse culture.

Travelling in Thailand is relatively easy and a great place to start a journey through S.E Asia.

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Top 5 Things To See & Do In Thailand
When most people think of Thailand they have a picture in their heads of a tropical paradise of white sandy beaches and aqua water, and much of Thailand beaches and islands are like this. With over 3000 KMS of coastline it is pretty easy to find a piece of paradise.
It si said there are over 41,000 temples across Thailand of which more than 33,000 are still in use. This means wherever you go in Thailand you are guaranteed to see Temples of all shapes and sizes.
In the north and north west of Thailand are mountain ranges which are a world away from the southern beaches. Here you will find tiny majority villages, vast tea plantations and excellent hiking tracks. Ching Rai and Chiang Mai are excellent bases to explore the north from.
It is a privileged to visit and stay in a minority village most of which are found in the northern Thai mountains. You can experience a little of how the villagers live and work in what is, in many cases a remote part of the country.
With over 10 million people living in Bangkok it is big and busy and a little bit grotty but such a vibrant incredible city. Travel along the river, explore the excellent markets and eat in everything from a street stall to Michelin star restaurant - Bangkok has it all.
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