Travelling Georgia To Turkey On A Bus

Travelling Georgia To TurkeyOn A Bus Travelling Georgia To Turkey (On A Bus) Chaos At The Border...And Torrential Rain Tbilisi Georgia - Hopa Turkey495KMS / 12 HoursIn a perfect world we would have taken a direct route from Tbilisi to Kars our destination in Turkey through Armenia, however relations between Turkey and Armenia are tense to say the least and the borders are all closed...
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Exploring Georgia

Georgia Tbilisi
Exploring Georgia(The Country) Exploring Georgia (The Country) The Oldest wine producing country in the world (and ChaCha!) In any country in the world that uses mini buses to ferry people around there is a general rule - there is always room for one more. This is no exception Azerbaijan, we departed Sheki on a packed mini bus bound for Balakan the town the closest to the Azerbaij...
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Travelling In Azerbaijan

Travelling In Azerbaijan Travelling In Azerbaijan A Country of Contrasts and extreme wealth We landed in Heydar Aliyev International Airport Baku in the afternoon and our Airbnb host had arranged a car to collect us, which was a nice change from the usual public transport struggle. Our apartment was right on the edge of the walled UNESCO listed Old City the historical centre on Bak...
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Travel The Gobi Desert Mongolia

Travelling In The Gobi DesertEleven Days In The Gobi Desert Eleven Days In The Gobi Desert A Trip Through The Gobi In May 2019 a group of four friends set out to travel from Mongolia to Istanbul overland.We started our journey in Ulaanbaatar, the insanely busy, slightly grubby, but fascinating capital city of Mongolia at the excellent Golden Gobi Guest House. After a series of delay...
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The Gilie Islands Indonesia

The Gilie Islands Indonesia We arrived on Gilie Trawangan from Bali and immediately wandered what the hype is about.The islands have the pre-requisite white sand beaches and turquoise waters which people dream about and the islands are popular dive spots.The problem I had with the Gilies is the rubbish that covered the island, everywhere you looked was garbage. The resorts and a...
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