Champasak Laos

Champasak Laos

Sometimes when travelling you come across a town or village that is just ‘right’, for us Champasak is one of those places. It is just a sleepy little village on the banks on the Mekong about 30 kms south of Paske and 10 kms from the Khmer temple ruins of Wat Phu.

While in the season it is quite a busy place with travellers heading to the Wat when we were there we were the only visitors in town and it was fantastic, goats and chickens wandered up the main street and everyone said hello when we wandered past.

The only down side was that very few restaurants in the town were open which was fine as our hotel whipped us up very tasty dishes every day.

We stayed at the delightful Inthira hotel which we loved and we did not do very much at all for an entire week.