Vientiane Laos


Vientiane Laos

We have spent time in Vientiane before and had seen most of the sights this laid back capital city has to offer. This time we were only in Vientiane for two nights – just long enough to do some washing,  find a post office and eat at our favourite restaurant in the town Aria. Aria is an Italian restaurant which does fantastic homemade pasta, when I eat in restaurants like Aria I am never sure that the food is actually sublime or if its because its because I’ve been deprived of really good (in this case) pasta for a really long time. I mean lets face it one gets pretty sick of rice after a while.

It reminds of an Argentinian steak restaurant we ate at in Brasov Romania a few years ago, I remember the steak I ate there as being the best steak I’ve ever eaten, but maybe it was simply because I’d been dining on goulash for weeks.

Vientiane is the capital of Laos and a little more like a big country town than a capital city. Its pretty sleepy and laid back with a fairly large French ex-pat community, in fact at times I thought I was back in France

I was glad we are only in Vientiane 2 nights as the hotel we had previously stayed in the Mali Namphu has seriously gone down hill…we couldn’t get our washing done and Aria appears to have disappeared…but on the up side had a great pizza at the French restaurant across the road.

Next stop in Thakek 6 hours from here…lets hope the tuk tuk driver turns up to take us to the bus station…. often they either don’t  or arrive to pick you up late and you miss the connection!

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