Ao Nang Beach – Krabi Thailand

Ao Nang Beach Thailand1024

Ao Nang Beach Thailand

Ao Nang Beach – Krabi Thailand –

From Siem Reap we hoped a very quick flight to Bangkok where we spent 5 lovely days at the Navalai, eating in our favourite restaurant Hemlock and generally enjoying the city.

From BKK we flew down to Krabi and then onto Ao Nang beach. It is a beautiful part of the world although very touristy, lucky for us due to the season there weren’t too many people about. We stayed in a fairly average hotel that advertised a pool when in fact the pool was at a hotel up the road and seemed to think rap / hip hop played at ear piercing levels at breakfast time was cool…

We had a bit over a week here and did plan to head out to Phi Phi for a few days but we had monsoonal rain coming from a Typhoon in the South China sea the entire time we were there so we hung out at Ao Nang….all in all it was a nice place to spend a week but I won’t rush back.

We then headed back to BKK for another 5 nights at the Navalai before getting on the plane to head to Sydney.

Trip Summary

After 2 months, 3 countries and a few thousand kilometers it is finally time to catch our flight to Sydney.

On this trip we have travelled on 17 Tuk Tuks, 13 mini vans, 8 buses, 6 taxi’s, 3 planes, 2 canoes, 1 river boat, 1 songthaew, in the back of a ute and on a home made catamaran.  We have met some amazing people, seen some incredible sights and eaten some fab food (some of which I still don’t know what it was) but most of all we have experienced, just a little, real life in these wonderful countries.

It has been a blast and we can’t wait for our next travel adventure…