Chiang Rai Thailand

Chiang Rai Thailand –

We have been to Chiang Rai so many times that now arriving there is a little like coming home. One of the things I most most looking forward to was dinner and a few drinks at Rosie’s bar (its really called Rico’s bar but we named it Rosie’s after the bar in MASH) across the road from the apartment so my heart sank as we drove past the bar to see it shut down with so sign of life. I was sad for myself as they do a great chicken schnitzel but I was mostly sad for Rosie that her business had closed.

We consoled ourselves with dinner at the night market where we bumped into a local who told us Rosies had not closed but merely moved up the road..hooray we thought and immediately hurried off there for a drink. Rosie was presiding over the kitchen and bar and greeting us with hugs and kisses like long lost family, but alas her new establishment is all shiny and white. Gone is the outdoor garden and the bar atmosphere the other place had…such a shame.

Not much happened in Chiang Rai this visit – we ate in the night market each night and watched the evening entertainment.

Just as a PS: it always fascinates me how we can be away from Chiang Rai for a year and when we get back the locals all remember us and greet us like friends and yet if France where we have lived for 4 years the neighbours can barely smile…

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