Uxmal Mexico Travel Guide

Uxmal Mexico Travel Guides
A Vagabond Life

Uxmal Mexico Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Uxmal Mexico Travel Guide

The Uxmal Mexico Travel Guide takes you to the wonderful Mayan city in the Yucatan.  Uxmal (pronounced OOSH -Mal) is an UNESCO listed ancient Mayan site that boomed between the 6th and 10th centuries AD. The city has been extensively restored and is known as the best preserved Mayan City exhibiting the most outstanding examples of Terminal Classic architecture anywhere.

First settled somewhere around the 6th century AD Uxmal became the capital city of smaller surrounding cities in the Puuc region in the latte 8th century. When many other Mayan cities collapsed in the 9th Century Uxmal embarked on a new building program and grew to become the largest site in Puuc. The twelve century saw the beginning of the decline of Uxmal which is believed to be caused by drought.  In the 13th and 14th centuries city became part of an alliance of Yucatan city-states led by Mayapan. 

Uxmal fell into further decline, however was still inhabited until the 1550’s and the Spanish Conquest when it was abandoned and reclaimed by the jungle.

Uxmal was ‘re-discovered’ in 1838 and restoration work began in 1938 and continues to this day,

Uxmal is about an hours drive from Merida. To beat the crowds get there early.

Uxmal Travel Guide

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Uxmal Mexico Travel Guide

Buildings of Uxmal - Uxmal Mexico Travel Guide

Pyramid of the Magician

Uxmal Pyramid of the Magician

Pyramid of the Magician

The pyramid of the Magician is the first structure you see as you enter the Uxmal site. It is considered unique because of its rounded sides, considerable height, steep slope, and unusual elliptical base. It is estimated that construction started in the 6 century AD and continued periodically until the 10th century AD.

Nunnery Quadrangle

Uxmal Nunnery Quadrangle

Uxmal Nunnery Quadrangle

The Nunnery Quadrangle consists of four palaces set around a courtyard and gets its name as it resembles a convent. These buildings were most probably used as a royal palace and administrative area, the complex was built between 900 and 1000 AD. it features stunning decorative motifs such as lattice, columns, gods, two-headed serpents, owls, and human figures, either standing or sitting.

Ball Court

Uxmal ball court
Uxmal Ball Court

Ball Court

The Ball Court was constructed in the late 9th century under order of the ruler of the city. It was used for prestigious activity by the cities powerful while at the same time used to humiliate captives. The game was played with a solid rubber ball and contestants could touch the ball with their hips, elbows and knees.

Grand Temple

Uxmal Grand Temple

Uxmal Grand Temple

The Grand Temple was built in the mid 8th century and is the only structure that can still be climbed on at Uxmal.

House of Doves

Uxmal House of the Doves

Uxmal House of the Doves

The House of the Doves was named for its similarity to a rooftop dovecote. The structure was in fact the entrance to a serious of nine rooms and quadrangles that has long since collapsed.

Casas de las Tortugas

Uxmal Casas de las Tortugas

Casas de las Tortugas - House of Tortoises

The House of the Tortoises sits near the Governors palace overlooking the ball court. Built between 900 and 1000 AD it was a seven room structure used for ceremonies to bring rain. The name is believed to have come from the motifs found on the buildings upper facade.

Governors palace

Uxmal Governers House

Uxmal Governors palace

The Governors Palace is a stunning building that consists of three parts connected by soaring vaults. The palace sits on a 15m four tiered platform and was situated to face the planet Venus as the morning star and also positioned to exhibit solar equinox and solstice events.

Throne of the Jaguar

Uxmal Throne of the Jaguar

Throne of the Jaguar

The Jaguar Throne is a limestone sculpture representing a Jaguar composed of two heads facing away from one another and joined at the midsection. It appears to have been the seat of royal authority at Uxmal and marks ritual space in front of the Palace

Uxmal Mexico Map - Uxmal Mexico Travel Guide

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