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Monte Alban Mexico Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

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Monte Alban Oacaca Travel Guide

Monte Alban sits on a low mountian range over looking the city of Oaxaca in the Mexican central valley region. It is one of the most important archaeological zones in Mesoamericaca and one of the the most significant archeological site in the Oaxaca Valley

Founded by the Zapotec in the 6th century it grew to be their capital for thirteen centuries between 500 B.C and 800 A.D. As the Zapotec culture declined in the fourteenth century, areas of Mount Alban became occupied by the Mixtec peoples.

The site sits on over 6 square kilometres and includes impressive architectural remains that include the structures built around the Great Plaza, pyramids, terraces and platforms.

The first explorations and restorations of the archaeological zone started in 1938 by Alfonso Caso. It was Caso that discovered Tomb 7 which held one of the richest burial finds from pre-Columbian Mesoamerica ever found. Artifacts from tomdb 7 can be found in the Oaxaca Cultural Museum.

Monte Alban suffered severe damage in the 2017 earthquake with fifteen structures suffering structural collapse and many more needing emergency structural support.

The archaeological preservation of the site continues today.


How to get to Monte Alban Oaxaca

Guided Tour

There are numerous agencies located in Oaxaca who conduct guided tours, simply head to the Zocalo and find on of the agents who can talk you through the different options and costs.

Mini Van

If you prefer to wander the site without a tour you can take a mini van to and from Mount Alban. We used Lescas Tours who depart from their office in the Zocalo, drop you off at the site and collect you three hours later returning you to the Zocalo.


You can get a taxi to the site, the downside is there is not always a taxi there when you want to return and we witnessed many people waiting for taxi’s when we were there.

What to Take To Monte Alban Oaxaca

It can get very hot at Monte Alan so it advisable to take water and a hat, there is a cafe with a stunning view of the valley where you can have a meal and a cold drink.

Photo Gallery Monte Alban Oaxaca

Monte Alban
Stones Of The Dancers
Monte Alban
Sun Dial
Monte Alban
North Platform
Monte Alban
South Platform
Monte Alban
Monte Alban
Ball Court
Monte Alban
View From Monte Alban
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