Santorini Greece Travel Guide

Santorini Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Santorini Greece Travel Guide A vagabond Life

Santorini Greece Travel Guide

Santorini Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece with stunning views across the caldera and picture perfect villages it is hard to beat. Situated in the Aegean sea as part of the Cyclades group of Islands. 

Santorini was the site of the biggest recorded volcanic eruption on the planet in the mid-second millennium BCE. The eruption devastated the island and created what is now the caldera with the core of the volcano in the centre.

I strongly suggest visiting Santorini outside the main tourist season as the island gets inundated with not only independant travellers but hoards of crusie ships. We were there in mid September and it was perfect, gorgeous weather and not that many people around. 

You can get to Santorini either by ferry or by flying into the airport.

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Santorini Greece

Things To See & Do In Santorini Greece

Santorini Greece Caldera 

Greece Santorini Caldera

Santorini Greece Caldera 

Santorini’s half-moon-shaped bay is the center of the caldera which collapsed after a volcanic eruption during the Minoan civilisation. The eruption was so big that it is believed to have caused significant climate change; it was possibly one of the biggest volcanic eruptions on Earth. From the explosion the island of Thira was created with later eruptions creating Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni.

Tour the Volcano

Greece Santorini Volcano

Tour the Volcano

In the centre of the caldera is the remnants of the volcano which still to this day smokes and belches gaseous fumes. A trip to the volcano is well worth your while, climbing to the top of the volcano core is quite surreal and offers stunning views back to Thira. There a plethora of operators who offer day trips to the volcano, it also a great opportunity to see the calderan and it’s surrounds from the water.

Fira (Thira) Santorini Greece


Thira is the capital of Santorini and is made up of whitewashed cubic houses and terraces, winding lanes, little squares, and blue-domed churches perched on the cliffs 300 meters above the caldera. Below town, from the small port of Skala, Thira can be reached either by walking or riding mules up the steep and winding stepped path  or by taking the cable-car. Ferries dock at the port of Athiniós, connected to Thira by road .

Ancient Thira

Greece Santorini Ancient Thira

Ancient Thira

On the southeast coast, Ancient Thira dates from the ninth century BC and sits on a ridge on Messavouno mountain. You can see the ruins of Hellenistic temples and other structures, as well as the foundations of Roman and early-Byzantine buildings. Finds from the site are displayed in the archaeology museum in Firá. Thera is today open to the public and can be reached on a winding road that starts at Kamari or several foot paths from both sides of the mountain

Akrotíri Archaeological Site and Red Beach

Greece Santorini Akrotiri

Akrotíri Archaeological Site and Red Beach

Near the village of modern Akrotíri is the ancient settlement of Akrotíri. Akrotiri was buried below lava following the 16th-century BC volcanic explosion that created the caldera.

Excavations have discovered that Santorini was a prosperous island with strong links to North Africa before the eruption and probably lived from flourishing on shipping and trading.

Nearby is the famous Red Beach beneath a red cliff wall. The beach is accessible along a path from the town of Akrotiri.

Sunset at Oia

Greece Santorini Oia Sunset

Sunset at Oia

Head to Oia and enjoy a cocktail in one of the bars there while watching Ois famous sunset.

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