Stung Treng Cambodia Travel Guide

Strung Treng Cambodia Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Stung Treng Cambodia Travel Guides A Vagabond Life

Stung Treng is a small town located on the Mekong River in northeastern Cambodia.

It is quite remote and can be considered as a border checkpoint. If you are traveling from Laos to Cambodia through the southern border crossing, you will have to go through Stung Treng. Most of the buses stop at the busy market situated along the riverbank, and from there, passengers board different buses heading either south to Phnom Penh or west to Angkor Wat.

Stung Treng doesn’t have much to offer in terms of sightseeing, but it can be a pleasant place to stop for a night to witness the beautiful sunset over the Mekong River before resuming your journey.

It is also an excellent starting point for spotting the critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins.

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