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A Vagabond Life

Travel Planning Articles A Vagabond Life 

Welcome to your ultimate travel resource hub, where wanderlust meets practicality. Here, you’ll find an extensive collection of travel articles designed to inspire and equip you for your next adventure. From hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations to comprehensive guides on budget planning, packing essentials, and navigating local cultures, our articles are crafted by seasoned travelers and locals alike. Whether you’re a solo voyager, a family on holiday, or a digital nomad seeking your next stop, our insights aim to make your travel experiences more enriching, smoother, and unforgettable. Dive into our world of travel stories and start planning your dream journey today.

Top Ten Travel Tips

My Top Ten Travel Tips have been created from the experience I have had of travelling and living abroad for many years. During this time I have made mistakes and learned some great tips along the way. In this article I have put together my top ten travel tips for

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Ten Steps To Planning Travel

Embarking on a journey, whether it’s a quick getaway or a comprehensive exploration of uncharted territories, begins with the crucial step of planning. The art of crafting the perfect trip is akin to painting on a blank canvas, where every stroke of planning contributes to the masterpiece of your adventure.

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Tips for Packing

There are so many articles and blogs on what to pack and how to pack. Packing is subjective and very dependent on where you are going, climate and how many times you will be moving on. This list of tips for packing is what I have recently packed for an

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Travel Packing Essentials

Embarking on a journey, whether a weekend getaway or an extended adventure, requires careful consideration of essential items to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. From practical tools to comfort-inducing gadgets, the right travel essentials can make all the difference between a trip fraught with inconvenience and one filled with

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Plane Etiquette – Rules For Travelling On A Plane

Navigating long-haul flights as an Australian means embracing the reality of spending extensive hours airborne. A journey from Melbourne to Paris translates to a staggering 22 hours in the sky, not to mention the additional time commuting to and from airports and enduring layovers. The cumulative travel time easily surpasses

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Slow Travel Tips

Embracing the Art of Slow Travel: Slow travel is a concept that resonates differently with each individual, yet at its core, it embodies the pursuit of deeply understanding local cultures and communities, embracing spontaneity, and cherishing each moment without the constraint of rigid schedules. For us, the essence of slow

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How To Have Local Travel Experiences: Mix With The Locals

Our most memorable travel moments often spring from our interactions with the local people. Be it a spontaneous karaoke session in the Vietnamese highlands, savoring Lanna cuisine in the cozy nooks of Northern Thailand, or enjoying a laid-back picnic on an Italian floor—these experiences have not just been about places,

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How To Travel On A Budget

Mastering Budget Travel: Tips and Tricks for Affordable Adventures: Embarking on budget-friendly travels doesn’t mean compromising on experiences; it’s about maximizing value while staying true to your wanderlust. After years of exploration, we’ve honed our skills to indulge in our desired adventures without breaking the bank, often luxuriating in surprisingly

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Top Ten Travel Experiences: My Most Memorable Experiences

Embark on Unforgettable Travel Experiences: My Top Ten Adventures Travel is a tapestry of unique encounters, from serene river journeys to immersive cultural exchanges. Here are my top ten travel experiences, each a cherished memory shaped by diverse destinations and personal discovery. 1. Travel on a Slow Boat Along the

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Top Ten Travel Destinations: My Most Memorable Destinations

The Top Ten Travel Destinations: My Most Memorable Destinations. Often asked about my favorite travel destination, I refrain from singling one out. Instead, I cherish places based on their unique allure and individual charm. Yet, certain destinations linger in my memory more than others. Here, I present my top ten travel

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