Travelling In The Gobi Desert Day 7

Travelling In The Gobi Desert
Day Seven

Travelling In The Gobi Desert

Day 7
Yolyn Am to Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes to Flaming Cliffs
Shower day #2

The next morning we woke to clear sunny skies with a light very cold wind, apparently the storm had gone somewhere else.

We hoped in the van and drove to the highest part of the dunes at 300 metres high they were pretty jolly impressive. One of our party climbed about half way up while the rest of us sat at the bottom and watched. Even from where we were the views were amazing…sandy plains, marshy land with a small river, huge dunes backed by contrasting jagged mountains.

We set off towards the Flaming Cliffs / Bayanzag an archaeological  site and and a small settlement were we could have a shower. To gets there we crossed the flat plain and climbed up through the mountains travelling through a incredible mountain pass where we all sat staring out the window saying ‘wow’. We dropped down to a plain on the other side of the mountain range and drove for many kms watching a storm range in the distance. Gobi storms, like everything else in the Gobi are pretty jolly impressive.

We lunched in the middle of the plain, a lot more grass and better grazing conditions.

We finally reached the tiny settlement of Bulgan for supply’s, ice cream and most importantly a shower at the public bath house. At the bath house we had to wait about half and hour for them to light the boiler and the water to warm up. The showers here were not as successful as our last bath house. The water was a tiny trickle and not overly warm however it was a shower and enough to get wet.

In the Gobi there is no water, all water comes from wells deep in the ground. Throughout the trip we had water for drinking, cooking and filling the vans radiator. There was no water to even wash ones hands or face, wipes were used. So a shower with even a trickle of water was amazing.

By the time we had finished showering the storm that was meant to hit at the Sand Dunes last night had found us which meant we had to find a Ger to sleep in rather than camp. The intrepid Victor finally found us a Ger in a tourist camp which strangely had a restaurant in a giant tortoise .

We ended up spending the evening drinking beer with the camp owner and chatting about his business and life in Mongolia. 

Gobi Desert Photos Day Seven

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