Travelling In The Gobi Desert Day 2

Travelling The Gobi Desert A Vagabond Life

Travelling In the Gobi Desert – Day 2

Ich Nacht Nature Reserve

Eastern Gobi

We woke to a cold, windless sunny morning in the Gobi Desert.

The nomadic herder was up earlier bringing in horses and goats with his little boy running along behind him. The little boy was now used to us and chattered away in Mongolian showing us his favourite pony and various birds around the camp. It was his job each morning to collect the died animal dung which they use to fuel the fire.

I watched the mother prepare the daily noodles. Flour, water, pinch of salt then knead and roll. She then dried it out over the dung fired stove and cut it into strips to make noodles.

Victor cooked our breakfast and we ate at our camp table. As we were packing up the car Victor came to tell us the family had cooked breakfast for us so off we went for breakfast number 2. Noodles and fresh mutton – the herder had driven over to his parents Ger to collect some meat for our breakfast. So we ate our noodles & mutton (yes more noodles) and drank our tea posed for photos with the family and climbed into the van and set off.

Today we where heading for Ich Nacht Nature Reserve in the hope of seeing endangered Ibex goats, Argali sheep, both of which were reintroduced to the park recently. We also were hoping to see rock carvings dating from the 16th C created by monks.

We travelled through the Gobi Desert, sometimes on tracks, sometimes not with the UAZ really proving itself. The landscape was vast flat plains with grazing animals and the occasional nomadic ger.

The terrain changed when we arrived at the Nature Reserve to 20 million year old rock formations, we climbed up from the plain into the park and immediately saw a herd of Argali sheep running through the hills.

We stopped at the parks research station to ask the park ranger the best places to see the goats, sheep and carvings. The park ranger decided to come and spend the day with us and show us the park. He was amazing and showed us all sorts of amazing rock formations, rock carvings and animals that live in the park.

After a day of exploring the park we set up our camps at the Research Station and walked down to the nearby “creek” which was now just a small muddy watering hole. The ranger had told us that Ibex came to drink each evening and we were hoping to see one, we hid among the rocks for a while with no luck. I did spot one high it the cliffs but that was all

After dinner we wandered over to the rangers ger to listen to him play his piano accordion. When we arrived he immediately pulled out his stove plopped a big pot on it filled it with water threw in an old dried mutton bone and started boiling it to soften the meat. Oh No more mutton noodles….

Some musical instruments were pulled out and a few songs were sang before it was time to trot off to our tents and bed. Our first night in the tent in the Gobi Desert.

Travelling In the Gobi Desert
Day Two

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