Travelling In The Gobi Desert Day 11

Travelling In The Gobi
Day Eleven

Travelling In The Gobi

Day 11 (The Last Day)
Hustai National Park to Ulaanbataar

Blue skies and freezing cold weather greeted us on our last day of the journey.

We had talked Victor into taking us back in the National Park to see if we could spot some more horses with out all the dust.

We journeyed a few kilometres back into the park before spotting a herd high on the hill,  the others trekked up to try and get closer but I stayed in the van – way to cold out there and I figured the horses would run as soon as they heard human – which they did. 

We continued on for a while to a river flat where the horses sometimes could be seen and lo and behold we came across a large herd of mares and foals with the stallion watching over. We were able to get very close and sat for quite a while watching them. There are 300 Tahki that live in the park and we had seen about 70 of them. 

On this trip we had been incredibly lucky and seen the Tahki, Ibex, Argali and Red Deer all of which were on our wish list. We had been told that it would be rare to see any of them so were incredibly lucky…and we had a very very good driver and guide who know exactly where to look.

After the excitement of seeing the Tahki it was time to head back to Ulaanbaater and the Golden Gobi Guesthouse. We were sad the tour was ending although we were all looking forward to a hot shower and clean clothes.

It was an incredible trip and experience and I loved every minute and we all agreed we would be back to explore the Northern Regions of the country.

Gobi Photos Day Eleven (The Last Day)

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