Seville Spain

Seville Spain

Seville: To escape the bitter cold and snow in SW France we jumped on a cheap flight to Southern Spain, first stop Seville. Our flight arrived in the late morning and we caught the bus from the airport ….catching a crowded bus with backpack can be a challenge and takes quite a bit of skill to not to take out half the bus when squeezing through the crowds to get off…however we (and our fellow travellers) made it safely to the centre of town and our cute little apartment. 
 We stayed in a delightful apartment just off Plaza de la Encarnacion in the old centre, it was a great location walking distance to everything. The apartment was petite with a loft sleeping area but perfect for us, with everything we needed. And best of all it had a fantastic coffee shop on the corner that not only served good coffee and tosadas but reminded us of the cafes in Newtown Sydney.

Apartment Courtyard

Corner Cafe Seville Spain

Seville is a wonderful city and we spent many hours exploring the old quarter which is a labyrinth of alleys and lane ways and of course eating the wonderful tapas. The city has a strong Moorish influence and is so different architecturally from other parts of Europe – a stunning city 

There are an enormous amount to see in Seville but the two main sights are the Cathedral and the Giralda and Alcazar.

Cathedral and the Giralda started its life as a grand mosque under Moorish rule, it then, under the rule of the Castilians in the 1400’s, was rebuilt to become one of the worlds largesGothic cathedrals. Inside is absolutely stunning stunning.

Cathedral & Giralda Seville


Giralda Seville Spain

The Giralda was once the minaret of the Grand Mosque and was built in 1184. We climbed to the top of the tower, which is a series of ramps, apparently the guards used to ride their horses to the top.


Alcazar Seville Spain

The Alcazar was probably my favorite sight in Seville. It was the home for many centuries of the Kings and Caliphs and the gardens are truly amazing.As you leave the Cathedral you walk through the Patio de los Narajos, a wonderful courtyard full off beautiful oranges – the scent was pure heaven.

Next Stop Cordoba….

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