Cordoba Spain



Cordoba Spain – 

 From Seville we caught a train to the historic town of Cordoba which took a couple of hours.
Cordoba is another town that is steeped in Moorish, Jewish and Catholic history…over 1000 years ago these 3 religions lived harmoniously together building a prosperous town.
Cordoba has an interesting old town with winding lanes and alleys. The old town small but it is interesting to explore although it is very touristed.
Cordoba Cathedral

Cordoba Cathedral


The highlight of the town must be the Mezquita, founded in 785 as a giant mosque and then in the 16th century later become a cathedral (in fact the cathedral in smack bang in the middle of the mosque). It is quite fascinating to visit and has been beautifully restored. 
Cordoba Spain

Mezquita Cordoba Spain

Another sight we enjoyed was the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos or Palace of the Christian Monarchs built in the 13th century. From 1490 until 1820 the Inquistion operated from here. The property has beautiful gardens with many ponds, fountains and orange trees. It is easy to imagine it would be a tranquil heaven in the heat of the summer.
Our Accommodation…after years of travel we have been quite good at picking good accomm…boy did we get this one wrong! Again we had booked an apartment in the old quarter and it was very well located but it was a little like staying in Basil Fawlteys Fawltey Towers! Nothing worked, the property was under renovation so loads of noise and dust and the room was.. well ..less than advertised. 
We did however find a brilliant restaurant called Las Piconeras – great tapas, friendly service and we loved the complementary digestivi served at the end of the meal. 
Cordoba is a nice town and I am glad I have seen it but we won’t rush back..

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