Athens Greece

Panthenon Athens




Athens Greece

We arrived in Athens bus station with the OH determined he knew both where we were and which direction we had to head – neither of which I believed. Anyway off we set OH in the lead with compass in hand and me trailing along behind, after what seemed like hours in the boiling sun but was maybe an hour we stumbled (well I say stumbled, he says it was planned) across a metro station and were able to get a train to the stop we needed to go to.

We were heading for the Aphrodite Hostel, not a great hostel, not particularly cheap or with many facilities but is in a good location and, well we were really heading there for the fantastic basement bar that is usually manned by a backpacker who dishes out ouzo liberally and is a meeting place fro travellers from all over the world.

In this bar we drank too much ouzo, met other travellers, including a Japanese guy who spoke not a word of English but was the life of the party and we got into a spot of face painting.

In Athens we did the sites and ate fantastic food our favorite was a little restaurant down some steep steps on the Plaka

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