Santorini & Samos Greece


Santorini & Samos


We caught the ferry to Samos and stayed in a cute apartment at the top of a hill with amazing views across the harbour. We found Samos very touristy with ordinary food at tourist prices, we also lost our ferry tickets and both got a stomach bug so Samos was perhaps not our favourite destination!.


From Samos we caught the (very) slow ferry to Santorini, at the time of the year we were travelling many of the ferries has stopped running so we were on a ferry doing the ‘milk run’.

When you arrive at Santorini and travel across the island its just seems like another dry dusty Greek Island – until you get to the caldera and the view is probably one of the best views in the world.

We stayed out of Fira a couple of kilometres at Stravros Villa – a family run hotel – which we loved, as we were there right at the end of the season we virtually had the place to our selves, the sun shone everyday and we sat by the pool and admired the views out to the Mediterranean Sea  – perfect really. Of course a trip to Oia to watch the sunset is a must and we did a day trip out to the volcano in the centre of the Caldera…all in all a fabulous place to be.

We had then decided to move on to Mykonos but a huge storm came in and our ferry was canceled – what shame we had to spend more time on Santorini!