Travelling In The Gobi Desert Day 4

Travelling In The Gobi Desert
Day Four

Travelling In The Gobi Desert Day Four A Vagabond Life

Travelling In The Gobi Desert Day Four

Day 4
Ich Gazaryn Chuluu National Park to White Cliffs.

We woke to see camels wandering through the ancient rocks and canyons and ate breakfast while the kytes swooped above us.

After breakfast we left the Eastern Gobi desert on a bright sunny morning and entered the Central Gobi heading to the White Cliffs or Tsagann Suvarga.

On the way we visited the monument to the famous Long-Song singer set high on a hill, again took in the incredible views across the plains.

We the set out across the dusty Gobi desert plains to search for water. We stopped in the small settlement of Gurvan Saikhan for water, supplies and ice cream – and discovered Russian chocolate ice cream is delicious.

We travelled across vast sandy plains for a very long time on extremely rough roads and stopped for lunch on one of those extremely hot dusty plains. While we there a Nomad couple pulled up for a chat and the lady helped Victor prepare the lunch, sitting down on the ground and deftly peeling potatoes while chatting away.

We arrived at the White Cliffs or Tsagann Suvarga in howling wind, wind so strong that if you stood too close to the edge you felt like you would get blown off.

Tsagann Suvarga Mongolia are incredible towering white limestone cliffs overlooking a plain that was once an ocean. We drove to the bottom of the cliff to view it from the base, driving around the base was a little hairy with the UAZ bouncing from once hillock to the next at one point we all got out to walk down a particularly steep hill. The good old UAZ didn’t put a wheel wrong.

The White Cliffs were impressive but probably not our favourite place to date. From the White Cliffs we went to a Nomad family who had set up extra Ger for people to stay in. Golden Gobi works with nomadic families to provide extra Gers for travellers, this ensures the money goes to the nomads rather than the big tourist camps that are dotted around the most popular sights. We had a lovely Ger with proper beds and nearby long drop toilet with actual seats. Luxury.

The Nomad family there are camel herders and while we were there we watched them water and then milk the camels.

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