Lesbos Greece

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Lesbos Greece

Lesbos: We caught the ferry to Lesbos, an island just off the Turkish coast. The ferry was full of Greek army boys heading off for to the Island of Chia which is right on the Greek / Turkish border.

Much to the suprise of the young army crew on the boat I slept on the floor of the ferry and woke up very groggy as the ferry docked at 7am the next day.

Our plan was to stay a night or two here and move onto Turkey, but like so many other times on this trip we really liked Lesbos so ended up staying over a week. We found a little self contained apartment – Thalias Garden – which had a baloney over looking a garden so most nights we would cook dinner and sit on the balcony sipping locally made Ouzo which had become quite fond of. Lesbos claims to be the home of Ouzo, Im not sure if that is correct but they c ertainly do produce a nice drop.

I think we liked Lesbos so much because it was ‘real’ island with not a huge amount of tourism and the locals going about their business. We ate some great local food in local family run restaurants and decided it was definitely a place we wanted to back to.