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Greece Delphi.

Delphi Greece

Delphi Greece – Our trip to Greece started in a taxi from our Bulgarian hostel, the taxi driver was quite mad and drove up out of the valleys and canyons as fast as he could go, every time we hit a bump I left my seat and smacked my head on the roof of the car and he had an ongoing fight with his car radio which he kept ripping out of the dashboard and smashing on the steering wheel. Needless to say I was happy to get our of the cab and onto the train.

It was a night train and we were quite lucky to get a private sleeper cabin, after a usual 3am border crossing – which always involves a great deal of yelling and crashing about by the guards – we arrived in the northern Greek town of Thessaloniki at day break. After a delicious spanakopita we hoped on another train to Larisa were we changed to a bus to Lamia and then another bus to Delphi, it was on this bus I overheard a couple of fellow passengers marvelling at the ‘ancient’ aqueduct, which was actually a very new and modern concrete water channel …Anyway finally after 23 hours of travel we made it to Delphi!

We checked into our Delphi hotel which after weeks of travel in developing countries (read hard sheets, uncomfortable beds and lots of goulash) it was a delight to have fresh white sheets, fluffy towels and yummy Greek food.

The ancient site of Delphi was believed to be determined by Zeus when he sought to find the centre of his “Grandmother Earth”. Delphi became the site of a major temple to Phoebus Apollo, as well as the Pythian Games and the famous prehistoric oracle. Even in Roman times, hundreds of  statues remained. Delphi sits high in the mountains with stunning view to the sea of Corinth and is well worth a visit.

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