Visiting Moscow Visiting Moscow The weirdest apartment we’ve ever stayed in and non stop rain. We caught the night train from St Petersburg to Moscow, our last train trip on the great train journey across Russia…. We arrived in Moscow at the main rail at about 8:30am and did our […]

Visiting Moscow Russia

St Petersburg Russia St Petersburg Russia  St Petersburg is one of the most sophisticated and beautiful cities on the planet. I don’t have a ‘bucket list’ mostly because I want to see everywhere and also because I’ve always thought it a bit of a silly term. BUT there are places […]

St Petersburg | 6 Days In St Petersburg

Across Russia On A Train Across Russia On A Train In June 2019 we crossed two thirds of Russia travelling just over 6000 kilometres , nearly 4000 of those kilometres was on the Trans Siberian Railway – one of the world great railway journeys. We entered Russia from Mongolia at […]

Across Russia On A Train

Visiting Beautiful Lake Baikal Russia Visiting Beautiful Lake Baikal Russia The Siberian Riviera? Stunning scenery, Delicious Fresh (and smoked) Fish, Cute Fresh Water Seals And Dodgy Accommodation. Listvyanka is a small village on the banks of Lake Baikal about 1.5 hours from Irkutsk. Due to its close proximity to Irkutsk […]

Beautiful Lake Baikal Russia

24 Hours In Irkutsk Russia 24 Hours In Irkutsk Russia Irkutsk Eastern Siberia Russia We were all hot and bothered by the time we reached the hostel, or what I’m calling the cave as our rooms were downstairs with little natural light, to discover there was no hot water…at all…we […]

48 Hours In Irkutsk Russia