The Gilie Islands Indonesia We arrived on Gilie Trawangan from Bali and immediately wandered what the hype is about. The islands have the pre-requisite white sand beaches and turquoise waters which people dream about and the islands are popular dive spots. The problem I had with the Gilies is the […]

Gilie Islands Indonesia

Ubud Bali Indonesia – We came back to Bali in early 2018 for a well deserved rest….actually our primary motive wasn’t to visit Bali but to spend some time at the lovely Alam Indah and then on to Alam Gillie both owned by the same family. The reason we decided […]

Ubud Bali Indonesia

Bali Indonesia I said I’d never do it, never ever go to Bali. Too many ugly Australians, too many tourists, too much commercialism, but faced with the desperate need to get on a plane and go somewhere and with limited time I did what I said I’d never do – […]

Bali Indonesia