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World Destination Guide

World Travel GuidesA Vagabond Life World Destination Guide - A Vagabond Life World Destination Guide - There are 195 countries in the world stretching across seven continents - so there is an awful lot to see and do.  Where to begin? Many people are inspired by a movie they have seen or a story they have heard, or a desire to see the land of their ancestors. Where do you want to go? Ro...
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Regions Of France Travel Guide

Regions of France Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Regions Of France Travel Guide - A Vagabond Life The Regions of France Travel Guide is aimed at giving up to date and informative information on the Regions of France to help you plan your travel through France.France has diverse terrain and climates, from towering mountain ranges to vast agricultural lands and lets not forget the famous Me...
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Tahune Forest Reserve Tasmania Travel Guide

Explore Tahune Forest Reserve Tahune Forest Tasmania Travel GuideTahune Forest Bushfires - In January 2019 devastating bushfires swept through the Huon Valley destroying homes, farms and tens of thousands of acres of forest. Many thousands of animals were killed. The fires burned for over six weeks and did catastrophic damage to the area. Firefighters fought to save ancient trees and the Air...
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Port Arthur Tasmania Travel Guide

Port Arthur Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Port Arthur Tasmania Travel GuidePort Arthur is in Tasmania, Australia and in the 1800's was home to the worst of the British convicted criminals transported to Australia.Set on a peninsula and surrounded by water Port Arthur was said to be inescapableThe prison used psychological punishment versus physical punishment as it was believed that these conv...
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Bruny Island Tasmania Travel Guide

Bruny Island Tasmania Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Bruny Island Tasmania Travel Guide Bruny Island Tasmania Travel Guide  - Bruny Island is close to our home in Southern Tasmania and drop dead stunningly gorgeous…..picture miles of sandy white beaches and crystal clear aqua waters and you have Bruny Island. Bruny Island is an island close to Hobart and separated from Tasmanian mainland by the...
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