Vientiane Laos Travel Guide

Vientiane Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Vientiane Laos Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Vientiane Laos Travel Guide

Vientiane Laos would have to be the most laid back capital city in the world. Sitting on the banks of the Mekong river Vientiane is a lovely mix of French colonialism and Lao temples.

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Vientiane Laos

Things To See & Do In Vientiane Laos

Patuxai (The Vertical Runway)


Patuxai or the vertical runway. Patuxai is a war memorial dedicated to those who fought in the war for independence from the French. A mini Arc de Triomphe the monument was built with American funds given to Laos to build a runway / airport hence the name.

Pha Taht Luang 

Pha Taht Luang 

A gold – covered Buddhist stupa in the centre of Vientiane. Believed to dated from the 3rd century the stupa has been rebuilt and remodeled a number of times over the years. Pha Taht Luang is regarded as the most important national monument in Laos.

Lao National Museum 

Lao National Museum 

Housed in a French colonial building the Lao National Museum is a relative new comer being built in the 1970’s. The museum doucuments the countries struggle for freedom against imperial forces and foreign occupiers. Located on Samsenthai Rd.

Wat Si Saket 

Wat Si Saket 

Dating from 1818 is built in the Siamese style with a surrounding terrace and 5 tiered roof. It is believed to be the oldest temple still standing in Vientiane and houses more that 2000 ceramic and silver Buddha images. Wat Si Saket also houses a museum.

Talat Sao Morning Market

Talat Sao Morning Market

Open from 7am to 4pm the Morning Market is a two story building and houses numerous small stall selling just about everything. Galatians Sao is on the eastern corner of Lan Xang Rd and Khu Vieng Rd right in the heart of Vientiane.

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