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Travel Information
A Vagabond Life

Travel Information A Vagabond Life 

On this page we aim to bring you up to date, relevant travel information to help you plan your dream journey.

Having sound travel information before you leave on your dream trip can be the difference between a wonderful, memorable journey and the holiday from hell. While I am a strong advocate for an unstructured style of travel with minimum planning, I do an enormous amount of research before I set off on a journey which has proven to be invaluable on multiple occasions. A little bit of knowledge goes a very long way.

Planning an overseas journey can be a little daunting, especially if it involves multiple border crossings, dealing with border control and visas. Then there is the challenge of how to decide what type of transport to take, how to get to / from and around a country, how to buy tickets and so the list goes on.

In our travel information A Vagabond Life section we feature a number of “How To” articles ranging from how to catch the Trans Siberian Railway across Russia to Five Reasons Why You Should Travel Slowly

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More Travel Information A Vagabond Life

Travel planning also involves doing a little bit of research around what to pack for the destination you are travelling to. You will also need to investigate travel insurance, understand the customs and etiquette of the country you are travelling to and have a general understanding of how to be a kind and responsible traveller.

Here we list some articles that cover our top travel tips, destination travel guides, packing tips and much more.