Top Ten Travel Destinations: My Most Memorable Destinations

The Top Ten Travel Destinations: My Most Memorable Destinations

I am often asked where favourite travel destination is. I don’t have one, I try to have no preconceived ideas about places I visit and see them on their own merit. However I do have places that stick in my mind more than others. Here I look at the top ten travel destinations, my most memorable destinations.

Sighisoara Romania

An old citadel town perched high on a hill set in Transylvania. Reputed to be the home of Vlad Dracula this town is like stepping back in time. Tourism was still in its infancy when we visited so while there were hotels and restaurants there was nowhere to get the washing done. Smack bang in the middle of the Saxon settlements and Roma villages not only is the town delightful the surrounding area is culturally very interesting. Read about Sighisoara here.

Thira Santorini Greece

Picture perfect drop dead gorgeous this beautiful island is just as the photos portray it only better. A drink on the caldera at sunset needs to be on everyone’s bucket list and a hike up the volcano is interesting. Read about Santorini here

Luang Pra Bang Laos

Once a French settlement LPB is still a fairly sleepy town on the banks of the Mekong. It boasts a good range of restaurants and accommodation and it’s laid back lifestyle suited us to a tee. It’s difficult access meant that progressed passed it by for many years, however tourism has now found LPB so get in quick before the charm of this lovely town is gone. Read about Luang Pra Bang here

Kho Yao Noi Thailand

An island off Phuket that does not boast wide sandy beaches or grand resorts and maybe that’s while we liked it so much. We stayed in a grass shack with a mosquito net over the bed and cold water showers and I loved every minute of it. Read about Kho Yao Noi here

Lesbos Greece

We stopped here for a night on our way to Turkey and stayed 10 days.

Selcuk Turkey

Not only home of the incredible Ephesus but also the home of the wonderful ANZ Guesthouse, a very welcome stop for a weary backpacker who had been on the road for 4 months. Read about Selcuk and Ephesus here

Seville Spain

We visited Seville in February which for us was the perfect time, cool nights and clear sunny days. We loved this area of Spain, with its Moorish heritage which is still evident today, the stunning architecture and of course the food. Read more about Seville here

The next three destinations are places I have lived and they all are dear to me for different reasons.

Chiang Rai Thailand

In far northern Thailand Chiang Rai goes about it’s business without the tourist insanity that is found in the south and that’s why we like it so much. Its low key tourism means you get to experience Thailand a little more like a local would.  Read about Chiang Rai here

Venice Italy

I lived in Venice Italy for 2 years, it is a very special city.

The Dordogne France

I simply cannot leave out my home in France. The Dordogne is a stunning area in SW France that has green rolling hills and a slower pace. Dotted throughout the countryside are medieval castles and historic sand coloured villages. Sarlat is the jewel in the Dordogne’s crown. Read more about the Dordogne at Dordogne Attractions