World Travel Guide

Oceania Travel Guide

Oceania Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Oceania Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Oceania Travel Guide Oceania consists of 15 countries and includes Australasia,  Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia and is my home region. The break down across the region is as below. Australasia Australasia consist of Australia and New Zealand. Melanesia Melanesia is made up of Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islan...
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United States Travel Guide

United States Travel GuideA Vagabond Life United States Travel Guide A Vagabond Life United States Travel Guide I have travelled in the United tates on numerous occasions and have many friends there. Unfortunately all of the travel was done before I started this blog so I have very few photos (of any quality) and kept no notes. Below I have listed a brief summary and my thoughts on each place I h...
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Europe Travel Guide

Europe Travel GuidesA Vagabond Life Europe Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Europe is a fascinating blend of culture, history, art and amazing food. Located in the northern hemisphere Europe is home to 50 sovereign states and is the birth place of western civilization.A hugely popular tourist destination where people flock to visit the cultural and historic sights such as the Colosseum (Rom...
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Asia Travel Guide

Asia Travel GuidesA Vagabond Life Asia Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Explore Asia By Map Asia Travel Guides Asia Travel StoriesRead Stories From My Journeys Through AsiaClick Here Explore The World World Destination Guide There are 195 countries in the world stretching across seven continents – so there is an awful lot to see.Where to begin? Many people...
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