Europe Travel Guide

Georgia Travel Guide

Georgia Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Georgia Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Georgia Travel Guide Explore Georgia with The Georgia Travel Guide. Georgia is a wonderful country in the Caucuses surrounded by Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey. Georgia has a rich and diverse history which over time has been ruled by Mongols, the Persians, the Turks and then the Russians. Archaeologists have disc...
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Serbia Travel Guide

Serbia Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Serbia Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Serbia Travel Guide If you want to visit a beautiful friendly country with not many tourists travel to Serbia. It  is a landlocked country in South-Eastern Europe with vibrant cities, beautiful mountain ranges popular for both hiking in the summer and winter skiing. The Serbian people are warm and welcoming and the food is...
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Russia Travel Guide

Russia Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Russia Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Russia Travel GuideRussia is big, it's the biggest country in the world covering one-eighth of the worlds inhabited land area. It is over 9000 kilometres from one side to the other and it is where the continents of Europe and Asia meet.Russia is as diverse as it is big with strong Asian influences in the East and a d...
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Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Turkey Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Turkey Travel GuideTurkey sits mainly in the region of West Asia, with a small section in Southeastern Europe.  Turkey offers a wealth of destination varieties to travellers the bustling city of Istanbul to Roman ruins on the west coast to incredible scenery and coastlines.Climate:  The coastal areas of Turkey borde...
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Spain Travel Guide

Spain Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Spain Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Spain Travel GuideOn the Iberian peninsula Spain is a sovereign state with 17 autonomous regions that offer vastly different terrains, climates and cultures and foods. Spain history is fascinating and diverse history with influence from multiple cultures including Moorish and Roman.I love all of Spain but my favourite ...
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