Seville Spain Travel Guide

Seville Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Seville Spain Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Seville Spain Travel Guide

Seville Spain is the capital of the Andalusia region in southern Spain. Major landmarks include the Alcázar, a beautiful royal palace built during the Moorish Almohad dynasty. The very large and ornate Cathedral is the final resting place of Christopher Columbus and boasts a minaret turned bell tower named the Giralda.

Seville straddles the banks of the Guadalquivir River.  Seville was a major post and trading city during Roman times which continued through Muslim rule and into the time when Seville became a major port for trade with the Americas.

Today Seville is a vibrant and lively city to explore, offering history, Flamenco and amazing is one of my absolute favourites.

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Seville Spain

Things To See & Do In Seville Spain

Alcazar of Seville Spain


Alcazar: The Alcazar or  the Royal Alcazar is just stunning and for Game of Thrones fans is the seat of the House Martell and capital of Dorne, the southern most of the Seven Kingdoms. In real life and more  recently the Alcazar is Seville Spains Royal Palace and home of the royal family. It was originally a Moorish fort built in the 10th century by the first Caliph of Andalucia. The construction of the current Royal Alcázar began in the 14th century

The Palace: The Palace is a stunning collections of rooms with decorative motives and grand rooms. Stroll through Patio del León – which was once garrison yard of the original Al-Muwarak palace.   Visit the 19th- and 20th-century paintings showing historical events  in the The Salón del Almirante, the  fan collection in rooms to it’s north and tapestry’s and shields in the The Sala de Audiencias.

The Gardens: The gardens of Alcazar of Seville Spain are beautiful with orchards, gardens and winding paths. Once the garden supplied food to the palace and was a pleasant place to send time. Water flows everywhere in Alcazar and you will find irrigation channels,  ponds and pools. The Alcázar gardens have undergone many changes over the years, today the gardens are the perfect place to spend a hot Seville afternoon

The Mercury Pond: The Mercury pool i s large pool designed by Diego de Pesquera and cast by Bartolomé Morel in 1576 who also added railings with shields with lions at their corners and 18 balls with pyramidal finials surrounding the pond – all of this was once gilded. The mercury pool sits higher than the gardens and is presided over by a statue of Mercury. Changes were made by Vermondo Resta around 1612 and in the 17th century mythological figures and exotic birds were painted on the walls by by Diego de Esquivel

Cathedral & Giralda

Seville Spain

Cathedral & Giralda

The Cathedral of Seville Spain: Built on the site of the 12th C Almoud Mosque the Seville Cathedral was once one of the largest Christian churches in the world. Inside this vast building don’t miss;

  1. The Tomb of Columbus, the final resting place of Christopher Colombus
  2. The Sacristia Major, a large domed room filled with beautiful art by Seville’s great artists
  3. Royal Tombs in Capilla Real
  4. Huge gold plated alter piece in Capilla Major, a serious highlight.
  5. And my favourite the Patio de los Naranjos, the patio of oranges, which when I was there filled the air with a heavenly citrus scent.

Giralda: The Giralda is the bell tower of the Cathedral, it was originally built as a minaret of the Almoud Mosque during the Moorish period and converted to a Christian bell tower and watch when the Christains took Seville in 1248. The first two thirds remain the minaret with the remaining third built in the Spanish Renaissance style.  Standing at 104 metres high The Giralda is an important landmark in the city. It is listed  as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Climb to the top of the Giralda tower by ramp, not stairs which were put in so knights could ride their horses to the top of the tower. Terrific views across Seville can be had from the top of the Giralda.

Seville Spain Food & Flamenco

Food & Flamenco.

Tapas: One of the things I loved about Spain is the Tapas. Small plates of incredibly delicious food to be washed down with a local wine. Wander the back lanes and alleys of Barrio Santa Cruz (the old quarter) and find quaint little eateries to dine it, fabulous for either lunch or dinner. Some of my favouties are the chickpeas with spinach and the albondigas (meat balls).

Flamenco: Seville is the home of the FlamencoMore than a dance Flamenco is  made up of three parts: guitar playing, song and dance. Visit the  Museo de Flamenco to see excellent dancers and musicians in one of the nightly shows held there

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