Plane Etiquette – Rules For Travelling On A Plane

Plane Etiquette - Rules For Travelling On A Plane
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Plane etiquette - Rules For Travelling On A Plane

Plane etiquette – Rules On A Plane

I’m Australian, this means I have to travel a very long way to get anywhere. A trip from Melbourne to Paris means 22 hours in the plane, that’s 22 hours of flying time folk. Then add all the hours travelling to/from airports and waiting in airports it can quickly add up to 30+ hours of travelling – and that’s if you plan well and get good connections. So when you spend that much time on a plane you very quickly come to understand what good and poor plane etiquette is.

Plane etiquette

Don’t Hog The Overhead Locker

In today’s age of travel many airlines charge more for checked luggage. This now encourages travellers to fit everything they need into their carry on resulting in HUGE bags that they cram into overhead lockers leaving little to no room for other travellers. Travel with a bag that meets airline requirement and put in directly in the space over your head. If you have to carry more then sorry my friends but check it!

Don’t Stand In The Ailse While Boarding

When boarding correct plane etiquette is to move to your seat and put your bag in the overhead locker and then sit down. Don’t stand in the aisle unpacking your bag and searching through it for things you may need on the flight – this holds up boarding and everyone else behind you. Take 5 minutes before boarding to gather together all the things you may need, I carry a mid side stuff sack in which I put all the necessities I will need on the flight. This way I am organised, have everything I need and I can take my seat immediately. 

Who Owns The Armrests

Travellers sitting in middle seats get the armrests. They have the worst seats on the plane so need to have some wins and it is polite plane etiquette. 

When To Recline Your Seat

We all know that person who gets on the plane and reclines their seat immediately. Seats should not be reclined at all until all meal and drink services have finished and the cabin is settling into the flight.  I have a general rule that if I am on a daytime flight I recline it slightly. if I am on a nighttime/overnight flight and need to sleep I recline fully.

Respect The Person In The Front Of You

When you are on a plane and want to get up from your seat. don’t grab hold of the seat in front of you and haul yourself up. This is one of my pet hates. There is nothing worse than your seat being jerked, your hair pulled and the top of your head being whacked as the person behind you uses your head rest the haul themselves out of a seat. Don’t Do It!
If travelling with children don’t let them kick the back of the seat in front of them – it is extremely uncomfortable for the person in that chair.

Respect The Toilet

If you’ve ever queued for a toilet on a plane for what seems an eternity you will understand this one.  When using the toilet on a plane, get in, do what you need to do, clean up after yourself and get out. There is no reason to hang around.

Don’t Be Chatty Betty

It’s polite to say hello and have a brief chat to your neighbour, especially on a long flight but don’t be too chatty. People generally don’t need to know your life history or every nuance of your trip.

Respect Flight Attendants

Flight attendants have a demanding and tiring job. Be polite, don’t demand too much and remember they are taking care of a great many people in a small confined space so be respectful.

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