Quy Nhon Vietnam Travel Guide

Quy Nhon Vietnam Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Quy Nhon Vietnam Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

We went to Quy Nhon Vietnam because we got a terrific deal on a top end hotel and after nearly 6 months of travel were a little travel weary and the promise of hot showers and cable TV was too good to pass up. I am glad we stopped at Quy Nhon, a town well off the back packer trail but a very pleasant town with beautiful beaches and a pretty good food scene.

Quy Nhon is the capital of Binh Dinh Province and was acknowledged as a city as early as 1898. However, the town has been in existence since the 11th century, in the time of the Kingdom of Champa. In the 15th century, it also served as the ruling centre of Emperor Le Thanh Ton. Quy Nhon was also relevant during the Vietnam War. Not only was it a site for intense battle, but it also was an important US military and naval base.

At present, Quy Nhon is a developing port city with a population of more than 260,000 people with plans to build infrastructure that would encourage more tourists to visit. Naturally, fishing is the main industry in Quy Nhon, making it a great source of exceptional seafood. This destination is highly recommended for all seafood lovers.

Quy Nhon is on the main train line so very easy to get to /from.

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