Lesvos Greece Travel Guide

Lesvos Greece Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Lesvos Greece Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Lesvos Greece Travel Guide

Lesvos Greece is in the northeastern Aegean sea just off the western Turkish coast and a popular stop off point for visitors travelling from Greece to Turkey.

Lesvos is the third largest island in Greece with over 300 kms of coastline – which means a number of stunning beaches.

The name Lesvos was from the mythical hero Lesvos who came from Thessaly and married Mythimna, daughter of the settler Makaras. During prehistoric times it was a significant cultural centre of the region, and flourished economically, commercially and culturally during Archaic times (7th – 6th century BC).

Lesvos Greece is famous for its petrified forest, which is formed from the fossilised remains of plants. The Lesvos pertified forest is in western Lesvos.

It has wonderful olive groves producing olive oil and it is said the home of ouzo, the famous Greek spirit. We enjoyed excellent food and wine in the taverns of Lesvos.

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Lesvos Greece

How To Get To Lesvos Greece


Te Levos airport, Odysseas Elytis is located in the far south – east of the Island. Flights regularily run from / to Lesvos from Athens, Thessaloniki, Lemnos and Chios.


Lesvos is on the major ferry route and many ferry plough this route. Trips from Athens takes between 9 and 11 hours and stops at Chios along the way.

Ferrys also connect Lesvos (Mytilene) with the Turkish town of Ayvalık. The crsoosing takes 90 minutes and runs everyday during summer and a few times a week at other times.


Things To See & Do In Lesvos Greece

Mytilini Fortress

Mytilini Fortress (Mytilini Castle)

Mytilini Fortress is an impress well maintained castle that sits on a small hill between the north and south ports of Mytilini. The castle is thought to have been built in Byzantine times by Justinian I and then renovated by Francesco Gattilusio from Genoa in the middle ages island when the Gattilusio family controlled the island.

Today you can sill see the Queens tower which was the residence of the Gattilusio’s    and tunnels where the woman and children of the island hid during wars.

Lesvos Greece Aqueduct

Greece Lesvos Aquaduct

Lesvos Greece Aqueduct

The Lesvos aqueduct was built by the Romans in the late 2nd – early 3rd centuries to carry water from the springs of Olympos Mountain to the city of Mytilini an impressive distance of 26 kms.

Today visitors can see 170 metres of the restored aqueduct.

The Lesvos aqueduct is located in Moria 6kms north of Myilini and is open all year and is free entry.

Glykofilousa Petra Lesvos

Glykofilousa Petra Lesvos

Glykofilousa Petra Lesvos sits high on a rock above the town of Petra. Each year hundreds of people climb the rock to kneel and pray at the feet of Panagia Glykofilousa – the mother of Jesus.

Stunning views can be seen across Petra from the church.

Mytilini Town

Greece Lesbos Mytilene

Mytilini Town Lesvos Greece

The ferry to Lesvos docks at the Myrilini port and it is very to get to this lovely town and stay there. Mytilini has great food and restaurants, a lively nightlife and and interesting history.

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