Italy Travel Guide

Italy Travel Guide
A Vagabond Life

Italy travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Italy Travel Guide

Bella Italia.

I lived in Venice Italy for 2 years and have been back to different parts of Italy many times since. It is an incredible country to visit with amazing history and culture and the food ….well yum!

From the far northern mountains to the tip of the boot Italy promises a diverse and fascinating trip. When travelling in Italy try to get off the well worn tourist trail and get into the small villages and travel the back roads – you wont regret it.

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Italy Travel Guide
Top 5 Things To See & Do In Italy
Venice is arguably the most beautiful and definitely the most unique city in the world. While Venice heaves with tourists most of the year by getting away from the busy St Marks precinct you can still explore a quieter and more 'real' Venice.
Cinque Terre
On the Ligurian coast the Cinque Terre is five villages connected by a walking trail surrounded by vines and lemon trees. The Cinque Terre boasts stunning views pretty villages and in the peak season is packed with visitors. Travel out of peak to get the best experience.
Rome, once the most important city in the world is just a delight. Explore ancient ruins, the Vatican and the old city lanes and alleys. Shop in designer stores and dine in incredible restaurants. Rome needs to be on everyone's 'must visit' cities.
Lucca is a fully walled town in Tuscany Italy. Lucca is big enough to have plenty to do yet small enough to explore on foot. You can walk the circumference on the old town on top of the medieval walls. Like much of Italy Lucca gets very busy during peak tourist season so travel in the shoulder.
Amalfi Coast
The Amalfi Coast is in southern Italy and is a string of towns on a dramatic coast. The Amalfi coast is a popular tourist destination and can be expensive, especially in peak season. A must when visiting the Amalfi coast is a ferry ride along the coast for stunning views.
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