How To Travel On A Budget

How to travel on a budget.

Through many years of travel experience we have learned just how to travel on a budget without missing out on doing exactly what we want to do (and staying in some pretty nice places!). As a couple we spend $120 AUD or 85 Euro per day – that’s $60AUD per day per person.

Travel Off Season

Travel in the off season – it is much cheaper, there are no crowds meaning a more flexible travel itinerary and you can find great places to stay at seriously discounted prices.

Sure the slow season in Asia is also the wet season but don’t let that deter you, an Asian wet season means a couple of huge downpours toward the end of the day so pack your travel brolly and hit the road.

Where To Stay

In Asia we stay in inexpensive hotels and guest houses, by doing your homework you can find some great accommodation well within your budget. There are a number of Boutique hotels springing up across SE Asia now who offer first class accommodation at budget prices especially if you travel in the slow season.

In Europe we stay in a combination of holiday rentals and guesthouses and from time to time we camp.

Hire A Car

Hiring a car gives you the freedom to travel far more independently, gives you greater itinerary and accommodation flexibility and can save you money. The trick is to book the car in you home country as you usually get better rates than if you turn up at the airport and hire a car. What we have found is great about most car hire companies in Europe is that there is no fee if you drop off the car at a different location to where you collected it from providing the pick up and drop off points are in the same country.

If you plan to drive in a foreign country make sure you have a current international drivers license which are issued in you home country.


European camping grounds are quite amazing. Most have a star rating with one star being the most basic providing simple amenities through to four star camping grounds that have fantastic restaurants, excellent amenities and brilliant locations.

When travelling around Europe we usually have our lightweight travel tent plus a sleeping mat each which gives us the option of camping if we choose.

Camping pitches start at about 7€ per night for a basic site with no electricity. Read about the fantastic 7€ a night camping ground we stayed in in NE France here

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