Travel Tips

Top 10 Travel Tips

Top Ten Travel Tips A Vagabond Life My Top Ten Travel Tips have been created from the experience I have had of travelling and living abroad for many years. During this time I have made mistakes and learned some great tips along the way. In this article I have put […]

Planning Your Trip

Top Tips For Planning Your Trip Table Of Contents 1. Where To Go – Destinations 2. Check Your Documents 3. Visas – Do I Need A Visa? 4. Book Your Travel 5. Before Your Go 6. Phones & Internet 7. Pack For Your Trip 8. Check Flights & Check In […]

Tips for Packing

Tips For Packing Lightly Tips For Packing A Vagabond Life There are so many articles and blogs on what to pack and how to pack. Packing is subjective and very dependent on where you are going, climate and how many times you will be moving on. This list of tips […]

Travel Packing Essentials

Travel Essentials Packing Cubes Once upon a time when hurrying across a very busy airport concourse I reached into my bag to get a sweater and along with my sweater out flew a g-string which promptly landed at the feet of a very serious looking man who looked at me […]