Western Australia Australia

Western Australia Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Western Australia Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Western Australia Travel GuideWestern Australia is the largest state in Australia taking up one third of the country and is bigger than western Europe. The landscape is diverse, wild and unique. If travelling into remote areas always ensure you tell someone where you will be, have adequate suppl...
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South Australia Australia Travel Guide

South Australia Travel GuideA Vagabond Life South Australia Australia A Vagabond Life South Australia is in southern Australia bordered Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.  The state's colonial origins are unique in Australia as a freely settled, rather than as a convict settlement. It is also the is the driest state in the driest inhabitated con...
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Victoria Australia Travel Guide

Victoria Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Victoria Australia A Vagabond Life Victoria Australia Travel Guide Victoria Australia is the southernmost state on the eastern seaboard of mainland Australia. A relatively small state Victoria has a lot to offer visitors such as the Great Ocean Road, Victorian High County including Beechworth and Bright, the Mornington Peninsula and the Grampian Mountain range...
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Vanuatu Travel Guide

Vanuatu Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Vanuatu Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Vanuatu Travel Guide Vanuatu is an archipelago of islands in the SW Pacific Ocean. Close to both New Zealand and Australia it is a popular holiday destination and has resorts and holiday venues to cater for  most budgets. Capital: Port Vila Language: English, French, Creole (known as Bislama or Bich...
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The Pacific Travel Guide

The South Pacific Ocean Travel GuidesA Vagabond Life The South Pacific Travel Guide A Vagabond Life The South Pacific Travel GuideThe Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest ocean on earth covering over 161 million square kilometres stretching from Australia in the west to the Americas in the east and Asia in the north.  There are over 25,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean divided into t...
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