World Destination Guide

World Travel GuidesA Vagabond Life World Destination Guide - A Vagabond Life World Destination Guide - There are 195 countries in the world stretching across seven continents - so there is an awful lot to see and do.  Where to begin? Many people are inspired by a movie they have seen or a story they have heard, or a desire to see the land of their ancestors. Where do you want to go? Ro...
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Oceania Travel Guide

Oceania Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Oceania Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Oceania Travel Guide Oceania consists of 15 countries and includes Australasia,  Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia and is my home region. The break down across the region is as below. Australasia Australasia consist of Australia and New Zealand. Melanesia Melanesia is made up of Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islan...
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Spain Travel Guide

Spain Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Spain Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Spain Travel GuideOn the Iberian peninsula Spain is a sovereign state with 17 autonomous regions that offer vastly different terrains, climates and cultures and foods. Spain history is fascinating and diverse history with influence from multiple cultures including Moorish and Roman.I love all of Spain but my favourite ...
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Portugal Travel Guide

Portugal Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Portugal Travel Guide A Vagabond Life Portugal Travel Guide Portugal is on the Iberian peninsula in southern Europe. Portugal has a rich and diverse history with pretty cities, a stunning mountain range and lovely popular beaches.Get away from the beaches and explore the less populated and visited interior of this lovely country. Table Of C...
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Italy Travel Guide

Italy Travel GuideA Vagabond Life Italy travel Guide A Vagabond Life Italy Travel GuideBella Italia.I lived in Venice Italy for 2 years and have been back to different parts of Italy many times since. It is an incredible country to visit with amazing history and culture and the food ....well yum!From the far northern mountains to the tip of the boot Italy promises a diverse and fascinat...
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