South East Asia By Bus

Ao Nang Beach – Krabi Thailand

Ao Nang Beach - Krabi Thailand - From Siem Reap we hoped a very quick flight to Bangkok where we spent 5 lovely days at the Navalai, eating in our favourite restaurant Hemlock and generally enjoying the city. From BKK we flew down to Krabi and then onto Ao Nang beach. It is a beautiful part of the world although very touristy, lucky for us due to the season there weren't too many people about. W...
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Siem Reap & Angkor Wat Cambodia

Siem Reap & Angkor Wat  We spent two nights in Kampong Chang at a reasonable hotel close to the Mekong river - there is no real reason to stay in Kampong Champ. It is just a big, noisy, dirty Cambodian town but neither of us were very keen to get straight back on another bus so we spent a couple of nights there doing not very much. When we booked our onward bus journey to Siem Reap we wer...
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Cambodia | Laos to Cambodia On A Bus

Cambodia | Laos to Cambodia On A Bus I am going to preface this article by saying I quite like travelling overland on a bus. Yes they can be hot and slow, and usually don't stop enough for pee breaks but travelling on a bus really gives you an insight to the country and its my opinion its a far more 'real' way to travel. BUT the trip from Champasak was one challenging trip... We booke...
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Champasak Laos

Champasak Laos Sometimes when travelling you come across a town or village that is just 'right', for us Champasak is one of those places. It is just a sleepy little village on the banks on the Mekong about 30 kms south of Paske and 10 kms from the Khmer temple ruins of Wat Phu. While in the season it is quite a busy place with travellers heading to the Wat when we were there we were the on...
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Vientiane to Champasak Laos

Vientiane to Champasak Laos Our journey from the Laos capital of Vientiane to Champasak to the far southern part of the country was one of slow, hot local buses and a few towns with not much in them. Our route pretty much followed the Mekong and the landscape was pretty flat and not terribly interesting. The main north / south road is like slow going with cows, chickens, goats and the odd child al...
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