Santorini & Samos Samos We caught the ferry to Samos and stayed in a cute apartment at the top of a hill with amazing views across the harbour. We found Samos very touristy with ordinary food at tourist prices, we also lost our ferry tickets and both got a stomach […]

Santorini & Samos Greece

Lesbos Greece Lesbos: We caught the ferry to Lesbos, an island just off the Turkish coast. The ferry was full of Greek army boys heading off for to the Island of Chia which is right on the Greek / Turkish border. Much to the suprise of the young army crew […]

Lesbos Greece

      Athens Greece We arrived in Athens bus station with the OH determined he knew both where we were and which direction we had to head – neither of which I believed. Anyway off we set OH in the lead with compass in hand and me trailing along […]

Athens Greece

Delphi Greece Delphi Greece – Our trip to Greece started in a taxi from our Bulgarian hostel, the taxi driver was quite mad and drove up out of the valleys and canyons as fast as he could go, every time we hit a bump I left my seat and smacked […]

Delphi Greece