24 Hours In Istanbul

24 Hours In Istanbul Turkey 24 Hours In Istanbul Turkey We were in Istanbul 10 years ago and I really did not like it. I don’t know why, maybe it was because I had the flu or maybe it was because we stayed in crappy accommodation but I just did not like it.I was determined that this time I would have a fresh look and give Istanbul another chance, after all it is one of the worlds ‘great ...
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The Dogu Express Across Turkey

The Dogu Express Across Turkey The Dogu Express Across Turkey Catching The Eastern Express From Kars To Ankara When I was researching the easiest way to get from Georgia to Eastern Europe overland the most straightforward way was to travel through Turkey. I then kept coming across vague referrals to a train that crossed Turkey - the Dogu Express. So it was the Dogu Express it was - a 30 hour...
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A Few Days In Kars Turkey

A Few Days In Kars TurkeyAnd Visiting The Ancient Ruins Of Ani A Few Days In Kars Turkey And Visiting The Ancient Ruins Of Ani Travelling From Hopa To Kars In Far Eastern TurkeyHow To Get From Hopa To KarsI am not sure what I expected on this journey but we travelled through the most spectacular countryside, towering mountains and deep gorges with rushing rivers. We climbed to nearl...
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Visiting Moscow Russia

Visiting Moscow Visiting Moscow The weirdest apartment we’ve ever stayed in and non stop rain.We caught the night train from St Petersburg to Moscow, our last train trip on the great train journey across Russia….We arrived in Moscow at the main rail at about 8;30am and did our usual struggle with PT and packs and dodgy instructions from hosts. This time it involved a metro and then bus r...
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6 Days In St Petersburg Russia

St Petersburg Russia Saint Petersburg Russia One of the most sophisticated and beautiful cities on the planet.I don’t have a ‘bucket list’ mostly because I want to see everywhere and also because I’ve always thought it a bit of a silly term.BUT there are places I would like to see more than others (say Sydney harbour over anywhere west of Strathfield)I have been fascinated by St Petersburg si...
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