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A Vagabond Life

Capri Italy Travel Guide A Vagabond Life

Capri Italy Travel Guide

I went to Capri Italy for a night and stayed a week such is its charms. Capri, an island in Italy’s Bay of Naples, is famed for its rugged landscape, upscale hotels and shopping, from designer fashions to limoncello and handmade leather sandals. One of its best-known natural sites is the Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue, the result of sunlight passing through an underwater cave. In summer, Capri’s dramatic, cove-studded coastline draws many yachts.

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The Blue Grotto - Capri Italy

The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is a sea cave on the island and a popular tourist sight with visitors being rowed into the grotto in small row boats. Sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern.

Villa San Michele - Capri Italy

Capri Italy

Villa San Michele

The villa’s beautiful gardens have panoramic views of the town of Capri and its harbour, the Sorrentine Peninsula, and Mount Vesuvius. The villa sits on a ledge at the top of the Phoenician Steps, between Anacapri and Capri, at a height of 327 meters above sea level. San Michele’s gardens are adorned with many relics and works of art dating from ancient Egypt and other periods of classical antiquity.

Faraglioni - Capri Italy


In Italian, faraglioni are stacks, a coastal and oceanic rock formation eroded by waves. It is thought the word comes from the Latin word for lighthouse.  There are three well known faraglioni in the Bay of Naples, off the island of Capri – Stella, connected to the island, 109 m. Mezzo, 82 m. Scopolo (or Fuori), 106 m.

Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis  or Villa of Jupiter is a Roman palace built by emperor Tiberius and completed in AD 27. Tiberius ruled from there until his death in AD 37. Villa Jovis is the largest of the twelve Tiberian villas on Capri with several terraces and the complex covering 1.7 acres. While there are only remnants of the remaining eight levels of walls and staircases, recent reconstructions have shown the villa to be a remarkable testament to 1st-century Roman architecture.

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