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Summer 2021 in Italy Travel Stories

With much of the world restricted and travel difficult it was not possible for us to head to our usual summer haunts in South East Asia.

With Thailand out of bounds we headed ‘next door’ to Italy for the summer.  Our journey took us through the Barolo to Tuscany and then onto to Sulmona in Abruzzo.

This blog post covers the Sulmona Travel Stories.

This is the story of a broken down car in Perugia

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Italy Summer 2021

Broken Down in Perugia Italy

We left Sulmona on a bright sunny Sunday morning. We were headed to Lucca in Tuscany and our plan was to meander up through the mountainous central Italy spending the night in Perugia before ending up in Lucca.

We were travelling during Ferrogosta – the time when nearly all Italians take their holidays, so we were pleasantly suprised that the roads we travelled along were not very busy and it was a beautiful drive.

Arriving in our hotel we thought “mmm the car smells hot” and further upon investigation we discovered smoke coming from the engine and what appeared to be a broken alternator belt.

Damn! What to do on a Sunday night in the middle of Italy when you car breaks down? We closed the bonnet and wandered off to the only restaurant within walking distance for a steak and beer – the broken down car could wait.

The next day saw the car being carted off on the back of a truck and us stuck in Perugia for at least a few days. The holidays meant few garages were open and parts were hard to find. However thanks to the help of the lovely receptionist at the hotel and the people at the gagage the car eventually ended up in we were back on the road 3 days later.

The upside…we spent the last night in Perugia at an hotel with an amazing outdoor restaurant with views to the old town where we dined on delicious seafood and drank local wine in a lovely setting….so it wasn’t all bad.

Its also a reminder that travel is not always glamerous or easy, in fact it is often challenging and can be diffcult. But that is often the story, the fun bit, what one remembers when you look back.


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